Max is a lovely, lively and adventurous 7 month old puppy. One afternoon he escaped from the garden when playing with the children. Unfortunately he ran onto the road and got hit by a car, sustaining a sizeable wound to his front left leg.

max1Max was immediately brought to the vets for treatment – he was given intravenous fluids, painkiller and antibiotics. X-rays were taken and fortunately Max had no internal injuries or major bony damage. The biggest concern was the skin wound on the left front leg.

The wound was initially managed by dressings to accelerate removal of all the contaminated and non-viable tissue. The progress was superb – within days there was evidence of healing with healthy red “granulation” tissue appearing. Max’s owners were great – returning regularly for dressing changes, every time the dressing was spotlessly clean and dry – this must have been quite a challenge considering how lively a puppy Max is.

max2To aid healing we used an ancient wound covering – HONEY! The Romans used honey to manage wounds though nowadays we get medical grade sterile Manuka Honey to apply to wounds.

Two weeks after the accident Max underwent a general anaesthetic and his wound was reconstructed with a skin graft. The donor skin was taken from his flank and carefully sutured over the wound site. A series of small holes (meshing) were made to allow drainage of fluid from the graft site. Strict immobilization of the graft site is essential for success and the leg was heavily bandaged. Max remained hospitalised during the intial post-operative period to assist healing.

max3Recovery was fantastic and Max now has a healthy covering of skin over his wound site. In the weeks to come this should be aided by hair regrowth.

Throughout the entire period Max was a model patient, maintaining his usual enthusiasm for life and his owners were great by resting Max throughout the recovery period and keeping his many dressings clean and dry.

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