Name: Tiwi

pic_tiwi_munroEach year, usually in Spring or Summer, we see a small number of cases where dogs or cats present with sudden onset sneezing, mild nasal discharge and lots of discomfort. These cases could be the result of an allergic reaction, an acute onset infection, or a nasal foreign body – where something gets stuck up the nostril!

Tiwi, an eight year old Yorkshire Terrier, takes the biscuit though. She has suffered from grass foreign body inhalation twice in one year! On the first occasion, in August 2009, she was brought in showing the typical signs. On closer examination the tip of a grass blade was visible at her nostril and, under a general anaesthetic, two pieces of grass were removed! Tiwi mad a swift and full recovery.

pic_tiwi_grassHowever in June of this year, Tiwi came back again, and with the same symptoms. This time her nostrils looked clear. Again she was anaesthetised and a long blade of grass was removed from the deepest reaches of her nasal cavity. Again she made a complete recovery.

Tiwi loves to root around in long grass and undergrowth and to deny her that would be to deny her one of life’s pleasures. We just hope that next year she doesn’t make it three in a row!