pic_sylvester1Name – Sylvester

Age & Sex – 13 years old, male neutered.

Breed – Domestic Short Haired Cat

History – Sylvester is a cat who normally enjoys nothing more than a bowl of cat food and the attentions of his owner. He was seen at Braid Vets Leith walk branch on a Monday morning after having been very off colour over the weekend. He was off his food, lethargic and had been sick several times.

Examination – Vet, Christine Ebermeier examined Sylvester and noted he was dehydrated and jaundiced; a yellow discoloration of the eyes, skin and mouth which often indicates a severe liver complaint. Sylvester was admitted to the hospital at 171 Mayfield Road for emergency treatment and intravenous fluids (drip).

pic_sylvester2Investigation – Peter Sharp had the challenge of investigating Sylvester’s illness. This involved running blood tests using the in-house lab, x-rays and ultrasound examination of the abdomen. These showed that Sylvester had severe liver damage caused by several gallstones that had travelled from the gall bladder, causing an obstruction of the bile duct. If left untreated this would have been a very painful and life threatening condition.

Surgery – Sylvester was rushed to surgery that afternoon where surgeon Scott Dickson carried out a 2 hour operation to remove several gallstones and resect an inflamed infected gall bladder.

Recovery and Outcome – The operation was a great success and Sylvester made a steady recovery over the next few days with the hard work of the veterinary nursing staff.

Biopsy results showed that the cause of the gallstones was an inflammatory condition of the gall bladder and liver, which will require long term management. Sylvester is now eating well and back home with his owner. We are very proud of his recovery from such a serious condition.