Guide Dogs puppies

“Kay” is the latest little puppy belonging to Guide Dogs to join our practice.

All around the UK is a small army of puppy walkers who take on the challenge of caring for and training the next generation of working Guide Dogs. Puppies will arrive with their puppy walker form around 8 weeks of age and stay until around one year old, when they will head to Forfar for their training course.

Over many years we have encouraged the puppy walkers to bring their Guide Dog pup into our surgeries once a month, to experience the busy Reception environment, and to be examined by a vet – all geared towards making these young dogs confident in a potentially stressful environment – in other words bomb-proof!


And of course – it also gives us the opportunity to see these great little characters on a very regular basis and watch them grow and blossom.

Braid Vets are delighted to provide this service to Guide Dogs as a gesture of our support for the charity.