Health Plan pets get 10% Discount off e-vets fees

Pets who are members of our Braid Vets Health Plan receive 10% Discount off all fees when seen out of hours by our e-vets Emergency Service. 

pic-sunsetRegardless of the hour of day or night, your pet’s emergency can be dealt with at our Mayfield Road Hospital – Edinburgh’s only Accredited private Veterinary Hospital – by our resident e-vets team. This is just one of the benefits of joining our Health Plan, just as nearly 2000 clients have done so far!

We see the Braid Vets Health Plan as a “win – win” – it’s a winner for your pets – they receive the very best treatment, and it’s a winner for you – you receive discounts on all of our services, and costs are spread across monthly Direct Debits. And – there’s no joining fee!

Click this link for further information: Braid Vets Health Plan

Do the best for your pets – enrol them on the Braid Vets Health Plan.