Committing to caring for an animal is a big decision. There are many things to consider before welcoming a pet into your home and your   heart. Going over your options and being fully aware of your impending responsibilities is essential before you get a new pet.

First, you need to consider your own lifestyle. It is important to know the level of commitment that a pet requires. If you are barely home a dog may   not be right for you. Dogs need to be walked, ideally two to three times a day, and thrive best when they are not always alone. Cats, rabbits, or smaller caged pets may be better for people who are busier and have less time to dedicate to pet care.

Another thing to consider is what type of pet fits into your living situation. If you live in a flat certain dogs may not be suited for you. People who   live in flats or apartments should choose either a smaller, quieter dog, or a cat or a caged pet. Flat dwellers also need to be mindful when purchasing a   bird. Certain large birds can be rather noisy when they want to be. Noisier animals may bother your neighbours. Keeping that in mind prior to bringing a   pet home can save you a lot of aggravation.

Finances are another important factor to consider when selecting a pet. Researching the cost of caring for your pet prior to bringing it home is very   important. There will be feeding costs, possible grooming costs for certain dogs and cats, litter costs for indoor cats, and cage costs for smaller pets.

Pets like cats and dogs will need regular veterinary care. Braid Vets’ recommendation for the basic package of care is for twice yearly health exams,   annual vaccinations and appropriate parasite treatment. Like people, dogs and cats can become ill, or get injured, and will then require veterinary   treatment. As the owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet receives the veterinary attention it requires and, as   we have no NHS for animals, you will need to pay for it if or when this occurs. So you need to make certain that you have the money to adequately provide   for your dog or cat. Pet Insurance can help greatly to reimburse some of your costs. Our Braid Vets Health Plan can also help to offset the costs of petcare.

If you would like assistance in choosing the best pet for your circumstances, please contact us and discuss it with our Veterinary Nurses.