At Braid Vets we recognize the  importance of “getting it right” in your new kitten’s first year, so we recommend a series of visits to the practice for regular health  exams and advice.

pic-kittenWe encourage you to bring your kitten in the first few days after his/her arrival. This enables our vet to carry out a full health exam to give you peace  of mind. Our Veterinary Nurse will then run through our Kitten Pack, covering topics such as feeding, house training, our Braid Vets Health Plan, worm and flea treatment, microchipping and Pet Insurance.

Two visits are required for routine vaccinations, starting from 9 weeks of age.

We then invite you to return with your kitten for further check-ups, at six months old with a vet, and at nine and twelve months with a Veterinary Nurse,  to monitor health and development and to address any issues you may be experiencing.

The cost of all of these health exam visits are included in the fee for your kitten’s vaccinations. It is our aim that we do what we can to ensure  that, by your kitten’s first birthday, you have a “bomb-proof” pet.