Many rabbits are kept in hutches that are too small. Your rabbit should be able to stretch out, be able to hop 3-4 times from one side of the hutch to the other and be able to stretch fully upright without hindrance. These guidelines however outline the MINIMUM space requirements we would recommend.

Within their living space, rabbits should have opportunities to run, dig, jump and stretch out when lying down. You should provide both a large exercise area and a secure shelter where your rabbit can rest, feel safe and is protected from predators and extremes of weather and temperature. Ensure all areas of your rabbit’s environment are well ventilated, dry and draught-free. As rabbits are prey species, they should have access to a safe hiding place to escape to when feeling scared. Hutches should have a sleeping area with suitable bedding to allow nesting behaviour and foraging.

There is a growing number of rabbits being kept as ‘house rabbits’. The level of care they receive is often higher than for rabbits that are confined to small hutches at the end of the garden but access to a protected outside run should be considered if possible.