Fleas are a year-round source of dogs and cats, particularly prevalent in summer. They feed on the blood of  cats and dogs and then lay their eggs on the animals’ coat, which drop off everywhere your pet goes, and hatch and develop into new young adult fleas in  carpets, furniture and bedding. One flea can lay up to 500 eggs in one month! Due to the sophisticated lifecycle, solving your problem may involve you  treating your pet and home as well.

The most effective products for flea control come under the legal category of ‘Prescription Only Medicines’ (POM). This means that we can only  dispense them to clients who are registered with our practice. Furthermore, animals to be treated must have been seen by our vets during the previous 6  months.

If you are not registered with us, please make an appointment with one of our veterinary surgeons and we will examine your pet for fleas whilst charging  only for the treatments dispensed.

Flea products

Advocate “spot-on” A highly effective easy to apply spot-on solution that treats fleas, worms and mites – all in a simple to use, single application for dogs and cats.  Advocate should be applied once a month. Advocate kills fleas, flea larvae, roundworms and hookworms and ear mites. In dogs it also treats biting lice and  is effective against the mites Sarcoptes and Demodex.

Advantix “spot-on” A rapidly acting spot-on that kills adult fleas on your dog and flea larvae in your dogs surroundings. Advantix also kills ticks and effectively  blocks them before they can attach to your dog. It also repels ticks, sand flies and mosquitoes – highly desirable if your dog is travelling to a warmer  climate e.g. on the DEFRA PETS travel scheme. Advantix should be applied monthly and is suitable for dogs (but not for cats).

Capstar This is a tablet that rapidly kills live fleas on your dog or cat. One tablet is given when fleas are seen and effects may be seen as soon as 15  minutes after administration, with all fleas being killed within 24 hours with the drugs’ effects lasting for 24 hours. Capstar can be used conjunction  with other flea treatment, e.g. program injection for cats or program plus tablets for dogs.

Program Plus Tablets for Dogs A flea lifecycle inhibitor. Program Plus will sterilise fleas that bite your dog so that any eggs which are laid will not hatch. Hence Program Plus  prevents a flea infestation developing in the carpets and furniture of your home and also contains a worming ingredient to kill roundworms and hookworms.  Program Plus tablets are given once a month with food and are sold in a packet of six tablets, i.e. a 6 month course.

Program Injection for Cats A single injection of “program injection” will give 6 months continuous protection against fleas for your cat. it is highly effective at  making the adult flea sterile and therefore preventing flea eggs from developing and hatching. This must be administered by the veterinary surgeon.

R.I.P. An aerosol spray for treating your carpets and furniture in your home. This safe and effective insecticide spray will kill adult and larval stages  of fleas and also house dust mites. RIP has a residual effect for up to 12 months. Not to be applied to animals.