Here at the Braid Vets, we recommend Pet Microchipping (Identichipping).

This involves implanting a microchip the size of a grain of rice under loose skin at the back of the neck. From then on, your puppy/adult dog.  kitten/adult cat will have its own unique number that, along with yours and your pets’ details will be registered and stored with on a central  database.

Pets can easily lose collars, but if they are mcirochipped and go missing, whether they are handed in to the local Dog and Cat home, Dog Warden, or  Veterinary Practices, he/she will be scaned and the barcode number displayed. The central database will then be contacted and your details shown, thus  reuniting you with your pet quickly.

The chip can be placed eiither when your pet is in for routiine vaccination or health checks os at the time of neutering.

Anothert benefit of microchipping is that with the new Pet Travel Scheme, your pet must be chipped. So you could take your pet on holiday with you!