All vaccinations are given after a thorough clinical examination including a dental check, aural (ears) and eye examination. Diet and body weight will be discussed and nails clipped if necessary.


Myxomatosis is a viral disease of wild rabbits which is easily transmissible to the pet rabbit. It is transmitted by the wild rabbit flea or the common fly.

With the warmer weather of summer, rabbits are at higher risk of contracting infection.

The virus causes purulent conjunctivitis, swelling of the eyelids and genital areas and eventually rabbits become blind and very distressed. Most affected rabbits die within 3 weeks of contracting the disease.

THERE IS A VACCINE AVAILABLE. All rabbits, unless pregnant, can be vaccinated from 6 weeks of age onwards. Six monthly vaccination is recommended in high risk cases e.g. if your rabbit is in contact with wild rabbits; lower risk cases (indoor and hutched rabbits) are vaccinated at 12 monthly intervals.


V.H.D. is a highly infectious viral disease of rabbits, causing 100% fatality in those rabbits exposed to it. The infection can be transmitted on fomites, e.g. inanimate objects like foodstuffs, bedding, or even your clothing!

At Braid Vets twice yearly examinations are recommended and if you maintain annual booster you receive a free 6 monthly check.

The virus has reached Scotland, having originated initially in China. Often the first sign of disease is the sudden death of the rabbit infected.

THERE IS A VACCINE AVAILABLE. This can be given 3 weeks prior to, or after the myxomatosis vaccine, from 10-12 weeks of age, and the rabbit is fully protected after one injection. Yearly vaccination thereafter is necessary to maintain immunity.