Look after your pets in Winter

After an extended Summer and a beautifully mild Autumn, Winter is most definitely here! We humans can put on extra layers, and wrap up warm, but what about our pets? They may have more hair than us, but they will still feel the cold. Cracker and Blue are my two 16 year old cats. They…

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Fireworks may frighten your pets:- what can you do?

The clocks have gone back, the leaves are off the trees, and so it’s Firework time again. Fireworks are a traditional way of celebrating and so we will hear plenty of them as we celebrate Bonfire Night, then Diwali, Christmas and finally New Year. All very bright and colourful for us, but what about our…

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Toxoplasmosis in cats

A question we are often asked is “do cats pose a health risk to pregnant women?” The question usually comes from an expectant Mum who has been scared by ill-informed friends or family, urging her that she must “get rid of the cat!” This is a question we are happy to answer, and a worry…

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July is Pet Dental Care Month

Healthy teeth are essential for all pets, but how do we know if there are dental problems brewing? Dental disease can lead to mouth pain, weight loss, digestive upsets and even heart disease, so regular check ups are vital to help keep your pet in the best of health. During JULY, Braid Vets are offering…

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